Mactan Rock ventures into infrastructure biz

CEBU, Philippines – Cebu-based water solutions provider Mactan Rock Industries Inc., (MRII) is going to venture into infrastructure business, particularly in the distribution aspect.

“We would like to look at the possibility of going [full blast] into distribution, from being known as the bulk water supplier to both water districts and commercial entities,” said MRII president Lito Maderazo.

On the other hand, he said the company will still continue and even expand its water treatment business, “but we are closely looking at entering into becoming an infrastructure company.”

While most of the big cities in the Philippines are supplied by water districts which are partly-owned by the government, Maderazo said the company will enter into partnerships with Local Government Units (LGUs) in small towns and cities that do not have good water system and ample water supply.

At present, the company has existing partnership with the municipality of Coron, in Palawan province, supplying 1,500 households for their water requirement, as other municipalities in Mindanao, and the Visayas.

In Caraga province, Mactan Rock is supplying over a thousand household. Maderazo said similar partnerships with the LGUs in different localities and municipalities across the country will be started soon.

While Metro Cebu is covered by the distribution of MCWD (Metro Cebu Water District), Maderazo said the company is looking partnering with municipalities outside of Metro Cebu for water distribution deals.

According to Maderazo, MRII is trying to help improve the basic infrastructure particularly in the water supply area, so that a municipality for instance, will be able to attract more investments, and that water supply problem will not be one of the reasons why investors will be hesitant to put in their money.

In tourism areas like Coron, for instance, Maderazo said MRII has been able to help both the residents, as well as commercial establishments, being one of the most visited tourism attraction in the province of Palawan.

Similarly, Maderaso said the company is also looking at prioritizing its water distribution offer to tourism hot-spots in the country.

MRII builds and provides water equipment, as well as quality water treatment for big establishments in the Philippines.

Its expertise has been known, in the water treatment, being one of the companies in the country that pioneered the introduction of desalination process in Asia.

Desalination is the process of removing salinity (dissolved salts) from a salt water source.

In its 30-year in business, Maderazo said the company is now trying to put its expertise in helping the country’s infrastructure development, and that entering into water distribution water-supply deprived areas in the country is its small contribution.

MRII recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. Maderazo said water technology solutions business will continue to grow especially in the growing economic state of the Philippines.

Aside from traditional source of water supply from dams and river beds, MRII is also adopting alternative water sourcing strategies, like desalination, surface water extraction, waste water recycling, rainwater utilization, among others. (FREEMAN)

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