Demand for desalinated water in Cebu up by 60%

CEBU, Philippines – Cebu-based bulk water provider Mactan Rock Industries inc., (MRII) reported an estimate of 60 percent increase in desalinated water demand in Cebu including Mactan Island.

The increased requirement of industries for water supply specially from manufacturing plants, tourism related establishments, retail buildings, pushed the strong acceptance of water desalination technology, said MRII chairman Antonio Tompar.

Desalination is the process of removing salinity (dissolved salts) from a salt water source, or brackish water.

Resorts, hotels, and manufacturing plants in Mactan are among the biggest consumers of desalinated water. Likewise, hotels, shopping malls, and large manufacturing plants in the cities of Mandaue and Cebu are also the using desalinated water as their back-up supply, he added.

“The desalination technology is already widely accepted in the Philippines, unlike before. Reliable supply is crucial to every industry,” said Tompar in an interview.

MRII, in partnership with Pilipinas Water Resources, Inc., (PWRI) established one of its biggest desalination plant in Southern Philippines at the South Road Properties (SRP) few years back, to supply at least 22,000 cubic meters a day for industries within SRP.

Desalination according to Tompar has proven to be a reliable and sustainable. “Most major industries across the country are using this technology, may it be sourced from brackish water or seawater. Besides, commercial and industrial entities can afford to pay desalinated (water).”

Although the cost of desalinated water per cubic meter is higher compared to that from the water district, “businesses have realized that it is better to pay a bit higher, than to experience water shortage.”

Over the years, MRII has expanded its bulk water supply service all over the country, establishing over 50 plants nationwide.

Tompar said that while there is a pending threat of water supply shortage, if Cebu will not be able to manage its speeding growth, the acceptance of industry players to utilize the desalination technology, could address the looming water crisis. (FREEMAN)

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