Brief History

Established in Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines in 1983, Mactan Rock Industries Inc. started as an industrial chemical manufacturer specializing in water treatment chemicals and industrial preventive maintenance chemicals.  As the company grew, it began trading in water softeners, demineralizers and ion exchange resins. In just over five (5) years, it metamorphosed from its modest beginnings to a complete water and wastewater treatment company.

As the market widened, the company expanded. In order to differentiate itself from the highly competitive chemical industry, the company adopted the business philosophy that “technology must come first before the product.”  This policy supports sales representatives with a technical service group that monitors the water analysis of clients at least twice a week.  The company also prides itself in pioneering the state of the art technology in boiler efficiency testing to all its existing and prospective clients. In less than a decade, it became one of the leading companies in water treatment and conditioning and its related fields, made possible through operating a nationwide network of branches in the Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao regions.

Having widened its business and marketing coverage, the company opened its doors to new horizons.  In 1993, the company started to engage in the business of Reverse Osmosis systems, which were not only affordable to industrial clients but also to the household sectors.

Over the years, the company acquired strategic partnership with some of the leaders in the water treatment industry.  Mactan Rock combines the technological expertise of its foreign principals and the competence of local field personnel in providing the right solutions to every water treatment problem.