Clarification System

How do CLARIFIER Systems work?

Water clarification or flocculation is a water treatment process that removes suspended solids and other contaminants from raw water. This treatment process is suitable when there is a high degree of turbidity in the water, such as polluted rivers and streams. It makes use of a flocculation tank channel, where chemicals are mixed to the water. The chemicals enhance the formation of larger particles or flocs, so sediments can be easily separated from the water. The next step is in the clarifier tank, where the particles and dirt are separated from the water.

Mactan Rock provides the right quality of water for every customer’s needs using various technology across different industries. It serves several communities nationwide providing clean, safe, drinking water in partnership with the Local Government Units such as our water systems in Coron, Palawan (3,500 CMD using multimedia filters and ultrafiltration), in Cabadbaran and Magallanes, Agusan del Norte (1,000 CMD using multimedia filters, clarifier and ultrafiltration) and the North Relocation Site for the Typhoon Yolanda Victims in Tacloban.

Mactan Rock is a grantee of the water franchise of Tacloban and it currently serves the areas of V&G, Suhi and Basper.