Treatment for Cooling Systems

The water treatment for cooling towers is a fundamental part of the operational success in many industrial, commercial and manufacturing process activities. Proper treatment can yield high productivity and product quality. On the other hand, failure to treat problems to cooling systems can be expensive and may lead to loss of heat transfer, equipment breakdown, as well as health and safety problems. Thus, Mactan Rock uses its expertise to help customers in addressing these concerns.

Absolut Distillers Inc., an alcohol distillery located in Lian, Batangas, is one of the many satisfied clients taking advantage of Mactan Rock’s Cooling System chemical treatment and maintenance. We provide outstanding services for their CO2 plant, including their distillation and MRC (Micronised Refined Carbon) plants. For several years, they remain as one of our exclusive clients.

We offer scientifically formulated and effective chemicals for the following cooling water treatment applications:

Aside from properly establishing and monitoring cooling water conditions, choosing the appropriate chemicals for treating cooling towers is vital to properly maintaining and operating cooling systems.